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Welcome to LeaderTHRIVE podcast with Dr. Jason Brooks. Our goal is to equip and empower executive leaders and the organizations they serve to achieve their unique best and thrive.

Feb 10, 2018

Dale’s Purpose is to help people thrive, live their best life, and make the world a better place.

He fulfills his purpose with his wife, Tabbi, by enabling their members, through education and mentorship, to become more, do more, and have more in life through mastery of their time, money and business. After building three successful companies, he’s giving back by helping others learn from his failures and successes in life and business.

He helps others get control of money and time, so they can have more of both through coaching and mentoring which focused on four categories: 1. Money & Debt Freedom 2. Life & Happiness 3. Time & Personal Productivity 4. Business & Higher Income

Together, he and his wife share a wildly important goal of helping 1000 people discover and achieve their Wildly Important Goal by 2020.