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Welcome to LeaderTHRIVE podcast with Dr. Jason Brooks. Our focus is to explore the principles and practices of high-impact leaders and to help you make a positive difference as you lead in your family, your team, your organization and your community.

You were meant to more than just survive as a leader. You were made the thrive.

Jan 21, 2019

Terry A. Smith has served as lead pastor of The Life Christian Church (TLCC) for twenty-six years. TLCC is a non-denominational faith community in West Orange, NJ, serving the New York City metro area.

Terry is a co-founder of (formerly the New York City Leadership Center) and has previously served as an instructor in its Leadership Fellows program. He is passionate about challenging, developing, and encouraging leaders, whether they know they are leaders or not. He holds a bachelor of science in organizational management and a master of arts in organizational leadership.

Terry is sharing his insight on leveraging the power of hospitality to be an effective leader through his book, The Hospitable Leader.